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couple having a picnic on a pier

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+ Tips & Inspiration For Creative Engagement Sessions Don’t JUST get engagement photos done, get creative engagement photos done, here’s why! For most people, engagement photos are the timeless visual legacy of your relationship. Take this opportunity to do something exciting together that shows off your relationship. Consider incorporate something you love as well as […]


Creative Engagement Sessions: Featuring A Picnic On A Pier

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When W&Q reached out about a lavender field engagement session in Richmond, I was over the moon excited. We scheduled their session for mid August (lavender flowers are at their peak in July, and typically finish blooming by the end of August). They were looking for whimsical, dreamy photos, and we had the most comfortable […]


Dreamy Lavender Field Engagement Session

kissing in the rain notebook inspired photo

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To make the most out of rainy engagement photos- embrace the weather. Especially on the lower mainland in British Columbia, the weather forecast can be pretty unreliable. The forecast may call for sun– but we’ll likely see clouds, sun, or rain within the span of a few hours. Which means that your upcoming session which […]


Rainy Engagement Photos Inspired By The Notebook